Treating Heart Disease in Dogs

A heart disease diagnosis doesn't mean your pup has to stop living the vibrant life they deserve. There's hope!

As both an integrative veterinarian of 40 years and a lover of rescue spaniels with heart disease, Dr. Judy Morgan has the firsthand experience dealing with heart disease holistically and put the essentials into this course, Treating Heart Disease in Dogs.

This 1 hour course includes:

  • Diagnosing Heart Disease
  • Managing Medications, Supplements and Diet
  • Monitoring and Dealing with Emergencies

This course won’t take away the need for a veterinarian, but it certainly will help you feel confident you’re equipped with the knowledge to advocate for the best care for your dog possible.

What People Are Saying:

Tomorrow, I pick up a med prescription for his murmur and will be grocery shopping for your heart health food recipe. And thank you for saying in one of the videos that it's best to rotate the heart food recipes. Thank you so very much for all this information!

Denise K.

Excellent program. Will be getting nutritional consult to better support her. Thank you

Yvonne M.

Excellent information!!!!!!

Susan D.

$59.00 USD