Kidney Disease in Cats Explained with Dr. Amaya Espíndola

Learn all about kidney disease in cats, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and helpful dietary modifications and remedies in this 1.5 hour course.

Dr. Amaya Espíndola, MRCVS, is a versatile individual who has excelled in various fields such as veterinary medicine, music, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Over the last decade, she has resided between Madrid and Mallorca, Spain, where she has developed a profound passion for cats and their captivating world. Dr. Espíndola employs unconventional methods to enhance her experience in feline behavior, utilizing her knowledge to promote a new understanding of cat welfare. Her mission is to reignite their innate wild instincts and educate cat guardians about the profound bond between humans and cats, emphasizing how this connection can enrich our everyday lives.


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