Raw Feeding: The Basics with Dr. Nick Thompson

$29.00 USD

A Course of 10 Short Lessons in Raw Feeding Dogs
by Dr Nick Thompson

Everyone is terrified of starting to feed raw food to their dogs. They’re bewildered at the choices on offer; whether to go DIY or to buy complete frozen meals and whether they are getting the balance right. They're getting their heads around the bacteria question and feeding bones. They're a bit stressed, but they want the best for their dogs and instinctively know that raw is the answer.

Don't be stressed. These ten short lessons take you through everything you need to know. Dr Nick will cover all the common fears, the pitfalls, the easy-wins and tricks to boost your confidence and knowledge in becoming the raw feeder you want to be.

The course is for the absolute beginner, the not-quite-sure novice and the old-hand who’s just keeping up with what’s new. Welcome to a little oasis of common sense, clear guidance and clarity on the most crucial decision you'll ever make for your dog.

Dr Nick Thompson is the Founding President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (rfvs.info). He has been in veterinary medicine for over 30 years and studying raw feeding for over twenty-five of those. He is a vet in the UK with a passion for all things holistic medicine. His life mission is to spread the news of the remarkable health achievable through responsible, species-appropriate raw food feeding.

You can find him spreading news of the raw food revolution on his webpage (holisticvet.co.uk), on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.

The Ten Lessons Include:

How to Start
The Ingredients
Proportions and Quantities
Ingredients: Meat
Ingredients: Bone
Ingredients: Veg
Ingredients: Mins and Vits from Nuts, Herbs & Seeds
Ingredients: Mins and Vits from Supplements
Omega-3 Oils
How and When to Feed & Transitions

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