Transitioning Cats to a Different Diet with Dr. Amaya Espíndola

Whether your cat experiences an acute issue requiring a diet change, or you're trying to move away from a dry, ultra-processed food, transitioning a feline to a different diet can be a challenge. 

This 2 hour course details:

  • The Ideal Cat Diet
  • Factors Affecting your Cats' Transition
  • Feeding Habits
  • Cat Personality Types
  • Introducing New Food
  • Solving Problems

Dr. Espíndola begins by explaining the optimal diet based on a cat's physiology and why they are often averse to change. She then details common cat personality types so you can understand how to best approach the transition with your specific cat to ensure success. Finally, Dr. Amaya reviews problems that may arise during transition and how to confidently address them with your furry friend.

$59.00 USD