CANINE ALLERGY: Recurring Skin (Including Itch), Ear & Gut Conditions with Dr. Conor Brady

Recurring skin (including chronic itch), ear and gut conditions (ReSEGs) are the #1, #2 and #3 reasons for visiting the vets today. Unfortunately, the information you receive at that point is critical as to whether your dog recovers from the condition plaguing him.

The truth of it is if you don’t find the cause of your dog’s issues you will forever be going back to the vet for meds to suppress his symptoms. There’s no road to recovery that way, just an endless supply of grossly over-priced, ultra-processed kibble (that do not work to fix his issue) and a bevvy of very powerful drugs (that do actually work to turn off his symptoms…but do nothing to his fix his issue…).

You cannot keep going that way. Something has to change. Time for a new road.

What you'll learn:

  • Allergy versus intolerance
  • Why allergy tests don't work
  • How to fix the gut
  • Top natural supplements

$79.00 USD

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