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One of Dr. Judy's most popular courses would truly be the gift that keeps on giving for the pet lover in your life.
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Dog Longevity

Our dogs should be living longer!

I have learned many ways to keep our pets healthy, but not every pet parent has access to a veterinarian they trust. I have condensed the most important strategies pet parents can use to take control of their dog's health into a mini course, Dog Longevity Made Easy.
This course is a good refresher for the experienced natural pet parent, and a must-see for pet parents starting their journey into holistic dog health. $49 and an hour of your time can translate into years of vibrant living for your dog.
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For dogs | $49

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Cat Longevity

Cats are being bombarded with drugs, chemicals, and poor quality food.

It is shocking how commonly I see cats with cancer, IBD, urinary issues, and diabetes. But if you're a cat parent, it's easy to be proactive!  I put my top 7 ways to keep your cat Naturally Healthy into a 1 hour mini course called Cat Longevity.  $49 and an hour of your time could make all the difference in your cat's life and yours!  You'll be guaranteed lifetime access and can move at your own pace.

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For cats | $49

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Horse Longevity

In this mini course, renowned holistic veterinarian Dr. Joyce Harman, discusses 6 key ways you can improve the longevity of your horse.

  • Reducing Stress
  • Nutrition
  • Sensible Use of Vaccines
  • Parasite Control
  • Minimizing Chemicals
  • Exercise

These powerful steps are easy for any horse owner to understand and implement at home!

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For horses | $49


Homemade Food for Dogs 101

Recalls, toxic ingredients, contamination, and fillers have brought the pet food industry to an all time low.

Meat from diseased animals and expired baked goods in their plastic packaging are legal pet feed ingredients. Which would you rather eat? Join Homemade Food for Dogs 101 and learn to make safe and balanced meals for your dog using fresh, whole foods to give them the happy, vibrant life they deserve!

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For dogs | $149

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Raw Feeding: The Basics

A Course of Ten Short Lessons with Dr. Nick Thompson

These ten short lessons take you through everything you need to know. Dr. Nick will cover all the common fears, the pitfalls, the easy-wins and tricks to boost your confidence and knowledge in becoming the raw feeder you want to be. The course is for the absolute beginner, the not-quite-sure novice and the old-hand who’s just keeping up with what’s new.

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For dogs | $29

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Understanding Lab Values - Simplified + Dr. Judy's Labwork Review

Learn the basics of what your pet's labwork means, then get your personal pet's labwork reviewed by Dr. Judy to apply that knowledge to your specific case.

Dr. Judy will review up to 2 of each of the following per pet:

  • CBC
  • Chemistry Screen
  • Urinalysis
  • Endocrine Testing 

After your submission, Dr. Judy will post her video review in the portal within 30 days.

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For dogs | $99