What Are Adaptogens? And How They Help Our Senior Pets Fight Disease and Slow Down Degeneration

Dr. Judy and guest Angela Ardolino, Pet Cannabis Expert, Founder and Formulator of CBD Dog Health and MycoDog discuss the remarkable science of Adaptogens.  Learn what they are, how they work, what research shows us, how to use them, and which pets would benefit the most from using adaptogens.  These natural substances, found in nature can absolutely take the place of dangerous pharmaceuticals.  For the sake of your pet's health and wellness, give this a listen!


This episode discusses the benefits of adaptogens and some of our favorites are from MycoDog, available in Clarity for cognitive and nervous system function, Breathe for respiratory and cardiovascular support and Vitality for cancer, autoimmune disease and liver issues. This sustainable line of tinctures combines the most beneficial medicinal mushroom extracts with complimentary adaptogens. As a thank you to our podcast listeners use code PODCAST06 for 10% off all MycoDog products at NaturallyHealthyPets.com



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