EP 19: What You Should Know Prior to Desexing Your Dog with Dr. Karen Becker

What happens when dogs have no sex hormones throughout life?  Various studies confirm how traditional spay and neuter, especially when our dogs are young, causes so many diseases.  Dr. Karen Shaw Becker, Veterinarian, Wildlife Biologist and author of The Forever Dog, and Dr. Judy talk about that long list of diseases related to traditional spay/neuter and alternative surgeries that are so much safer for our dogs and can make a world of difference in a dog's life.  She even shares the resource https://www.parsemus.org/ as a place to seek out veterinarians who are using these much safer surgical methods to desex dogs.  In addition, Dr. Becker shares how you can easily help your dog's health if they have already been desexed by traditional methods.  You won't want to miss this fascinating and informative episode!



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