EP 21: Your Pets Should LIVE While They are Alive: Pet Longevity Tips with Dr. Gary Richter

What does your pet really need in order to live a long and healthy life?  Dr. Gary Richter, distinguished veterinarian, international bestselling author of The Ultimate Pet Health Guide, and founder of Ultimate Pet Nutrition joins Dr. Judy for an educational chat about how to support your pet's health and wellness, easily at home.  How can we boost both their physical and mental well-being?  Tune in to find out more!


We all want to provide the best care possible for our fur kids. But it can be confusing trying to navigate all of the information out there. Diet, vaccines, enrichment, where to start? thankfully holistic that veterinarian, Dr. Judy Morgan put together three short mini courses called Dog Longevity, Cat Longevity, and Horse Longevity made easy to break down the top six effective ways we can provide the best care for our pets. All podcast listeners can get 25% off any of Dr. Judy's longevity mini courses using code PODCAST13 at

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