EP 25: The Fungus Among Us: How Mushrooms Can Help Our Pets with Joni Kamlet

Mushroom NerdJoni Kamlet with Real Mushrooms joins Dr. Judy for a fun and informative chat about medicinal mushrooms for our pets.  How do they work?  Which are the best ones for our animals and why?  And what are some mushroom supplement quality issues that we need to look for when purchasing?  Listen in and join the ladies in geeking out about mushrooms!  


Isn't it amazing to learn about how mushrooms can benefit our pets? As a thank you for listening to this podcast get 10% off any Real Mushroom products featured on using the code PODCAST17. Real Mushrooms is Dr. Judy's recommendation for 100% Organic mushroom extract powders and capsules. Support your dog or cat's health with these mushroom supplements verified with beta glucans and no grain fillers. 

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