EP 28: Why the Way Pet Food is Made Matters with Braeden Ruud

Ever wondered what the difference is between gently cooked and lightly cooked pet food?  Listen in as Dr. Judy chats with Braeden Ruud from Raised Right Pets where they discuss the impact that different pet food processing methods have on nutritional profiles and the importance of food safety.  Why does it matter?  Do your pet a favor and learn something new today!

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When it comes to feeding our cats, we can all agree that it's best to feed a species appropriate diet, right? Cats are carnivores, they don't benefit from highly processed diets loaded with carbohydrates. Learn the importance of feeding your cat real food, how to transition to a healthier diet, home cooking for your cat or what to look for when shopping for high quality commercial foods in Dr. Judy's Kick the Kibble mini course on Do your cat a favor and use code PODCAST20 for 30% off Kick the Kibble; how to feed your cat on today.  

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