EP 29: Helping Pets Cross in Peace with Sue London

Have you ever wondered what our pets feel and think as they cross over?  Are they still with us even after their passing?  Dr. Judy has a fascinating chat with Sue London, globally-renowned, award winning Hospice Pet Doula and Pet Healer.  Sue shares some incredible stories life, loss, inspiration and what she's learned from doing this work for so many years.  You don't want to miss this one!


For anyone who books Pet Messages with Healing with Sue for the 60 minute consultation, with this code: "Spot", they will receive $50 off of their session.

This is the link to schedule their appointment :

For every consultation booked, she will give a portion of that to a pet charity.


Canine Hospice and Palliative care is gaining popularity as dog lovers realize how impactful hands on care can be as our pets age. Two experts in this field. Dr. Judy Morgan and Michele Allen created a course for the dedicated pet lover or pet professional called An Integrative Approach to Hospice and Palliative Care for Dogs. Dr. Judy covers the integrated veterinary medicine aspect of hospice, and Michele tackles the real life experiences and care expertise. The combination of these two skill sets created the best one stop resource for gaining knowledge on dog hospice. And as a thank you to our podcast listeners use code PODCAST21 for 30% off all hospice and pet palliative care courses at Don't wait. Get started today learning how to support dogs when they need you most. 


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