EP 31: A Revolution in Probiotics - Ancient Wisdom Backed by Science with Julie Anne Lee

When Julie Anne Lee, Founder and Co-Owner of Adored Beast Apothecary shares her wisdom, Dr. Judy is always excited to chat.  Julie Anne has worked with pre and probiotics for the last 27 years and shares her findings from an ancestral and functional perspective.  What are missing in most pre and probiotics that are available on the market?  Unbelievable research!

Julie Anne's FREE ebook offer:  The Gut Connection to Autoimmune, Viral, and Bacterial Diseases: A pet Parent's Handbook

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Thanks to Solutions Pet Products for sponsoring this podcast episode. Solutions is a raw fermented pet food producer that specializes in high organ percentage complete diets, raw cultured goat milk, gelatin based supplements, and herbal remedies. Using traditional farming and modern science, they work to provide simple solutions to complex problems. Modern agricultural practices have failed us. Pesticides, GMOs, over vaccination, monocultural industrial farming, a flagrant abuse of soil and ecosystems. Solutions Pet Products works with small family farms to regenerate the land. And in so doing revitalizes pets everywhere with clean healing, ideally formulated raw, fermented pet foods. Ask your local pet food retailer about purchasing options, or reach out to Solutions directly at [email protected]



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