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From Hospice to Clicker Training, Color Therapy, and more! Learn from holistic pet experts that specialize in these areas of study.

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An Integrative Approach to Hospice and Palliative Care for Dogs - Certification

Take your love of dogs to the next level.

Dr. Judy Morgan and Michele Allen are experts in dog hospice. Dr. Judy covers the integrative veterinary medicine aspect of hospice, and Michele tackles the real life experiences and care expertise. The combination of these two skillsets has created the best, one stop resource for dog hospice.

 After taking An Integrative Approach to Hospice and Palliative Care for Dogs, you will feel confident you can provide the best care of pets with terminal illnesses. 

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Solving the Mystery of Pancreatitis

With Dr. Steve Marsden

The pancreas of a lot of animals, both cats and dogs, is in a slow-burn state, causing almost every animal getting lab work done to have evidence of pancreatic inflammation! Join the incredible Dr. Steve Marsden to look at two broad paths to ‘pancreatic slow-burn’ and how to put that fire out so it doesn’t blow up into something terrible. By the end of this course, you’ll know more than the average veterinarian about pancreatitis and what to do about it!

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Canine Allergy

Recurring Skin (Including Itch), Ear, and Gut Conditions With Dr. Conor Brady

Recurring skin (including chronic itch), ear and gut conditions (ReSEGs) are the #1, #2 and #3 reasons for visiting the vets today. Unfortunately, the information you receive at that point is critical as to whether your dog recovers from the condition plaguing him.

The truth of it is if you don’t find the cause of your dog’s issues you will forever be going back to the vet for meds to suppress his symptoms. There’s no road to recovery that way, just an endless supply of grossly over-priced, ultra-processed kibble (that do not work to fix his issue) and a bevvy of very powerful drugs (that do actually work to turn off his symptoms…but do nothing to his fix his issue…).

You cannot keep going that way. Something has to change. Time for a new road.

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Ozone Therapy for Cancer Patients

With Dr. Judy Jasek

In this course you will learn about the benefits and administration of ozone therapy for cancer patients. Dr. Judy Jasek goes over:

  • Historical Uses of Ozone Therapy
  • Ozone in the Body
  • Ozone Administration
  • Ozone Therapy Case Examples
  • Resources for Ozone Therapy


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Mistletoe for Cancer

With Dr. Judy Jasek

Mistletoe truly is a remarkable plant with various properties that have been valued throughout history and in modern medicine. Its ability to create balance, support the immune system, and potentially aid in cancer treatment makes it an intriguing subject for further exploration. Learn more in this course with holistic veterinarian, Dr. Judy Jasek where she will cover the history of mistletoe for cancer, formulation of mistletoe used in patients with cancer, and the multiple ways mistletoe is used for cancer patients. 

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Color Therapy

With Pam Roussell

Pets often experience physical and emotional challenges that can be difficult to treat with traditional methods.

Color therapy uses the vibrational energy of colors to help pets with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues.

There is limited awareness and understanding of color therapy. Our goal with this course is to empower pet owners with a natural alternative to balance your pet’s energy, promote healing, reduce separation anxiety, and stimulate the nervous system.

- What issues can color therapy help with?
- How can you offer color therapy to your pet?
- What colors should you use in certain situations with your pet?
- How can you tell if it’s working?

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Clicker Training

With Liv Healy

All animals can benefit from clicker training, even your cat! In this one hour mini course, Liv of Clickstart Dog Academy explains the basic principles of positive reinforcement training and how it can be beneficial for our pets. They go through a series of simple steps explaining how to start your training.

“ The most impactful hour of pet training information I have watched.” - Dr. Judy Morgan. 

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The Natural Cat Care Summit Recordings

Learn how to improve your cat's quality of life from experts in natural cat care. Hosted by Dr. Judy Morgan.

7+ hours of video content.

  • Understanding Stress in Cats with The Two Crazy Cat Ladies
  • Cancer in Cats: Lymphoma & Mammary with Dr. Kendra Pope
  • Raw Feeding 101 for Felines with Ashlee Luke
  • What Cats Should Eat with Dr. Jean Hofve
  • House Soiling: Behavior or Medical Problem? with Dr. Marci Koski
  • The Feline Genome and Genetic Diseases with Dr. Kash Kuruppu
  • How to Catify Your Space with Kate Benjamin
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