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If something was wrong, would you know?

Join Understanding Lab Values to learn how to prepare your pet for lab work and what the results mean. Includes a review of your pet's labwork by Dr. Judy!

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You can't make medical decisions without first understanding the results.

The shortage of veterinarians has led to more rushed visits and missed diagnoses. If you don't know what the values mean on your pet's test results, the power is out of your hands. 

Learn the basics of what your pet's labworkĀ means, then get your personal pet's labwork reviewed by Dr. Judy to apply that knowledge to your specific case.

Become Confident

Learn best practices, when to ask your veterinarian questions and get Dr. Judy's feedback.

Early Detection

Understanding test results can help you stay on top of your pet's health. Have Dr. Judy double check!

Your Pet Deserves It

Just a few simple strategies can make a big impact for your best friend.

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Be Your Pet's Advocate

Something as simple as routine lab work can detect an issue before symptoms arise. Know what to ask for and what it means.

Join the 300+ happy dogs whose parents took Homemade Food for Dogs 101!

"I enjoyed this course. I have gained a lot of information that I did not know and realized a lot of things I was doing wrong. This has been a tremendous help to me and I feel more confident going forward with cooking for my kids. Thank you so much for making this course."


"Even though I have used your books and am familiar with cooking (and raw feeding) this course is still full of valuable information. Soooo much more information than I had expected. Anyone who wants to make food for their dogs and do it right should get this course!"

- Michele

"I finished the course and I thought it was super informative, clear, concise and fun. I feel like I now have the tools to make my own food. It’s not as daunting as I thought. Thank you for all the hard work and great information in this course. Bravo!"


Judy Morgan DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT

The "Dr. House" of veterinarians, Dr. Judy has over 40 years experience as an integrative veterinarian, acupuncturist, chiropractor, food therapist, author, and speaker. Her goal is to change the lives of pets by educating and empowering petĀ parents worldwide in the use of natural healing therapies, and minimizing the use of chemicals, vaccinations, and poor quality processed food.

2018 Woman of the Year in the Pet Industry
2019 Pet Age Woman of Influence
2019 IAOTP Veterinarian of the Year
2019 Veterinarian Hero Award Nominee
2021 IAOTP Empowered Woman of the Year
2022 Game Changer Award Winner
2023 People's Choice Award
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